Teenwolf loses his marbles and his trousers.

Oops Teenwolf is asleep again.

He was up early, hair on end looking confused. He shuffled from the shower trying to wake up as he has French exam today.
Sudden wolf noise resounded through the house.
‘Arrgh Mum!”
‘I can’t find my school trousers’

This is despite being told day after day, night after night, week after week, fold them up, put them on a chair, uncrumple them from your sports bag before you crash out.

As it was an exam day though I didn’t launch into the nag of old, I decided instead to go and help not wanting an almighty mega strop to kick off.

I found him, him on his hands and knees in front not his chest of drawers rifling madly through the contents.
‘Where are they?’ he moaned in despair
I don’t know I said. Now calm down. Where have you looked?
‘Everywhere!’ he puffed in a state of exasperation
OK , Don’t panic. Now are those your old ones?
‘What ones?’
Those ones? I said pointing at him
‘WHICH ONES?’ he said getting increasingly frustrated
The ones you are wearing.

His reponse? A huge grin.

School trouser disaappearance solved. Trousers found, on leg.

As he sat scoffing his nosebag for breakfast, grin still in place, he caught my eye.
‘Yup’. he said ‘A classic’.


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