So out of the blue 2019 brought a brave new world having written my first fiction book I sent it out to the world thinking….ah well that’s the last I’ll see of that… now what? So when I was offered a 3 book deal from Orion to write a trilogy I was in smelling salt central. OMG. It goes to show even uneducated food obsessed dog lovers can fall on their feet.  Here are the covers of Books 1 and 2. You can download them HERE 

Up until that point for all my sins (of which there are many) I was a presenter, writer and columnist.  Working from a radio studio at home with a dog asleep on my foot, in my dressing gown is my preferable state but enough of me me me……

Update. My two lovely old sausages Flora and Sam both moved along gently to the kennel in the sky late 2014. Heartbreaking it was and as a monument to their great loyalty and love I will leave their profiles and chat about them very much in the present tense below. When they finally left this mortal coil they were 14 and 15.  So now the new arrival of Charlie Chorizo Sausage Dog heralds a new chapter. Chapter Chorizo………

Cat & Dog home girl.
She has no legs, just feet and they are frozen in snowballs.
Edinburgh Cat & Dog Home Girl too
The look of love is in your eye despite proximity to dubious trouser leg.
Flora About To Savage the new addition - Wart Hog.
The Warthog is about to get it from Flora – livid.

The next hairy fool you see here is Nellie. Now she is not strictly mine – in fact she is strictly my Mums and as you can see here she is fast, hirsute and cheeky. Nellie not my Mum.  Clock the expression as she dives past me knowing I am about to  try to capture her – and fail. Sam in the background just looks confused – who am I? who are you? the usual and Flora is eyeing up the 16th hole for her putt before heading home to do The Times crossword.

Nellie making a run for it at speed.