Blackberry V iphone V trim phone

I got a Blackberry

Not because I wanted one but because my last phone fell in the bath. When I was in it.

Run yourself a bath, have a soak, read a book, the book says if you are in a state of stressed out psycho ranting lunatic fringes. So I did.  As I exhaled in a horizontal position I lifted my book resting on the chair and my lovely boring mobile  phone I stupidly left there,  slid off  and plummeted into the water. Just FYI it  is not relaxing sharing your bath with a phone.

The good news I didn’t get electrocuted I wondered if that might happen once. Yeh yeh I know physics and I don’t get along very well.  I mentioned my theory/worry  to Teenwolf who had to be put in an oxygen tent he laughed so much. He survived. Just.

Anyway, I hate my Blackberry. I have had it a week. It only rings when it feels like it.

I can’t send texts without going through about 39 steps – how Orson Wells would laugh – my life has slowed. People think I am ignoring them. I’m not.

It’s got Twitter and I do love a Twit (@alisonsdiary) – well I am one – but there is a mystery button which I press regularly with a low slung piece of my hand that I can’t quite identify that sends things off  when I haven’t finished writing them. This has the illusion (I like to think) of making me sound like a half wit.(half Twit)

Facebook well I think I get every update of every member of Facebook across the world. It sounds like flight of the bumble bee. Ping ping ping ping ping ping. And I can’t turn that off.

Email – well I can’t get that going at all.

I can’t even phone people on the bloody thing. When I punch in numbers they come out as letters.

When I tell people I hate it (face to face obviously) there are two reactions.

You should have got an iphone.

I love mine. You will get used to it.

No I won’t. I hate it.
I want a trim phone with a curly wire to put in my pocket and that is the end of it.

Rant over.


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