My new book is out!

My new book is out!

Blue Skies at The Birdie and Bramble was published by Orion on 28th June !

The third in the trilogy has taken longer than planned to arrive due to, yes you guessed it, the pandemic. The second book came out the day lockdown was announced last year in March so most people, including myself were not downloading books to read they were sitting rigid on their couches staring at Boris Johnson giving his daily briefs of horror. I still find it quite hard to believe. But hallelujah here we are jabbed and raring to go once again, with masks, which can be a blessing at this stage in life to be honest, the grumpy face is hidden in public places, but communing once again with friends and family. And what a joy that is.

Blue Skies literally and metaphorically speaking, introduces a host of new characters to help, hinder, annoy, and entertain the current cast of characters. Remeet Maddy, William, Noel, Mouse, Hamish as they set about the most exciting project of all, sorting themselves out!

I really hope you are enjoying being out and about and your reading brain is back, I know it took a while for me to get mine in order, but the writing and reading brain has kicked in and so the optimistic gate of a woman with a big bottom is back!


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