Psychic family – Dag nabbit. It’s a rabbit.

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Ok so the kids are older, I mean a lot older. They are all now teenagers (God help us). All nieces and nephews are that much older that the  giant Action Ma/Barbie Easter egg is no longer an option – unless it’s for me as a quick snack before dinner.  So  this year I am a victim of the power of advertising,you know that  Lindt ad for the golden chocolate rabbit. Watching the ad by the time they have tied the bleedin’  bell round it’s bleedin’ neck I am on my way to shop to buy one and eat it on the pavement outside the shop. Just ram it in and chaw it down. Swiss milk chocolate. Any time of the day or night. But it has crossed my mind that  there is something just a little freaky about that. That blank expression that innocent yet knowing eye. Yeh I  think you know what I’m saying. Now I have the proof of my suspicions.

Our family got together last night for the traditional Easter feast of a Chinese carry out. As ever  we made no reference to Easter other than to the great God chocolate  as we stuffed spicy spare ribs down our throats.  Well we are doing the whole  egg rolling, lamb eating thing tomorrow – minus religion.  So with the wafts of prawn crackers in the air  11 of us gathered and I dug about in my bag and produced  4 bunnies. Lindt bell wearing buns, for my nieces and nephews.

There was an intake of breath as my sister in law dug about in her bag and produced 4 chocolate easter bunnies too. How we laughed. 

Then my mum, aka Spidergran   stood amongst us put down her bag and dug out……four….chocolate….bunnies.

Camera rabbit 052

Not so funny now. As the beady dozen sat and stared. Just to confirm there were now 11 people in the room and 12 chocolate Bunnies. As you can see they grouped together, they stared, they just waited and waited. And watched. I felt compelled to take a photograph as evidence of what happened in case they turned against us and all that was ever found of our family was some shard of gold paper and our dry, picked bones. If this is my last blog post – break down my door, but for gods sake come prepared God only knows what carnage awaits you within.

Camera rabbit 051 Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


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