Teenwolf and paranoia.

Ozzy minus ukelele and pigeons head thankfully

Teenwolf has just come in, given me the ‘ Oh God are you still here?’  look  before sloping upstairs. 3 minutes later he appeared in the kitchen. ‘Um hungry’ he mumbled before emptying a cupboard of all edible things and I am pretty sure some packaging too. As he guzzled I took my life in my hands and asked ‘so what was going today at school then?’ with my rather too practised, calm, don’t want a fight, I’m not really the vile harridan you think I am, Doris Day expression on my face. ‘Nuthin’ he said showcasing an accent that is neither Scots, English, Irish, Welsh, Canadian but more chimp than anything. ‘Oh guitar’ he said looking vaguely animated for a micro-second ”m learnin’ Paranoid’ he added clearly hoping to flummux the ancient crone that is his mother.

‘Oh Sabbath’ I said casually and despite his practised air of indifference his sprouting eyebrows shot up ‘YOU know it?’ ‘Yeh’ I said grabbing the ukelele that lives in the kitchen and giving him an off  the cuff rendition. Disgusted isn’t strong enough for his expression as he lowered his brows before  he ran off, upstairs, plugged in his electric plank and started spanking it. I am pretty sure he hates me you know. Or am I just Paranoid?

  • martinforbes

    Thanks for replying back alison.
    I remember when you used to do the afternoon show you did american baseball
    was there prizes to be won i cannot remember damien is now working at originlfm in aberdeen ns2 the sation he was at before strted to do networking which i dont like from edinburgh forth 2clyde 2 and tayam.
    A didgrace just to save money .
    Cheaper for one dj to networking 5 staions instead of 5 wages.
    Next year 27th july 2011 it will be nsounds 30th birthday.

  • Hi Martin, to answer your question we all got on brilliantly and had great fun working together. Like one big happy ridiculous family.

  • martinforbes

    Hi alison
    You still have not said how you got on at your days at northsound with damien mcleod Gary stein Bruce Kennedy robin galloway Roy rhodes dave mcleod.
    Can you reply