Luscious Lola comes home to roost.

Visiting my pal Tracy whole lives in the wilds of Deeside in Aberdeenshire is aye a joy. We walk, talk, eat, drink and rumble around with the dogs. We both love them. Tracy has a half water spaniel/half Spinone called Lola who is a large amazingly chilled dog and looks virtually dislocated when she lies spreadeagled on the floor of the house of an evening. However when out lolloping in the hills the mere whiff of a deer and she is off like a shot, loping up hills and out of sight completely ignoring the commanding tones (which can shatter saftey glass if the truth be told ) of Tracy. From a distance Tracy is often mistaken for Julie Andrews,

Tracy looking thoughtful - where is that dog?

without the dodgy sacking dress or the attentions of Christopher Plummer, rushing over mountains just screeching LOLA! After realising the lovely Lola was ignoring her completely and squawking was a fruitless mission we took root and sang La la la la Lola – the Kinks , leaning against a tree waiting for the wanderer to return. But no more. She now just hears her name whispered and she gallops back down the hill instantly to find Tracy and here you can see why……

They are expensive but then the emotional trauma of losing your beloved dog if it eats a sheep, snarls at someone or is just plain grumpy to your mother-in-law is priceless really isn’t it ?


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