Bumping my gums about Teahouse Transport….

by AlisonsDiary on Tuesday 24th Mar 2015

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Oops – my Mum’s bag was picked up over a week ago and it is………
well I don’t know where.
So please disregard the previous post.
In their defence it worked brilliantly on the way to Spain from Scotland but on the way back?
Well if you see a large blue case packed with jumpers a dog coat and birthday card drop me a line.



What you want to take. s What you want to take.

So there I was gas and air getting my legs waxed just before Christmas chatting to the unfortunate girl faced with my hairy extremities. Trying to change the subject.
“So what are you doing at Christmas?”
Off to Poland
“God it will be cold there.”
Yes about -20 but I just take all my winter clothes with me.
“That must cost a fortune to put in the hold”
I don’t
“What do you do?”
I send it with a courier company.
“That must cost a fortune!”
No about £20.
*rip strip *

images-1My attention was diverted to my throbbing legs….yikes.

So I stored this information in my befuddled head until last week when my dear Mum was getting her knickers in a twist about travelling over to Spain. At 83 the thought of heaving and wrestling a large case full of clothes through airport security and then waiting hours at the wrong carousel for it to turn up at the other end of the arrivals lounge was becoming unassailable, then I remembered my waxing chat and decided to investigate the courier option.

Teahouse Transport were the ones my Polish friend used and so I got online put in the dimensions of Mums case, 30” x 20” x 15” and the approx weight 12kg and it came back as a princely £16 & VAT door to door.
Still incredulous that it would work I booked it online, they emailed a bar code within the hour for the case which was duly printed out and taped on.
When would you like it collected?
“Em tomorrow (Friday).” I asked pushing my luck.
OK between 1-5pm?
Well…. YES!
At 1.05pm the case was picked up from my very impressed Mother in North Berwick. Yes North Berwick! Not a big city, a post office or a designated shop – from my mums flat in East Lothian, East of Scotland.
They say it takes 3 working days. So here we are 3 days later in Spain. I have just received a call to say it will be here in an hour. I will unpack it and when Mum arrives tomorrow relaxed with her handbag and hopefully a bottle of gin for me,  her clothes will all be here waiting for her to start her holiday in a Zen like calm.
How do they do it?
I have no idea.
But they do.
And not being bent backwards over a trunk and shafted by the airlines for once is something I thought you might enjoy too!
£16 & VAT. Blimey.

Teahouse Transport have a look!
Say goodbye to lugging trunks of clothing over the globe – they do it all for you, all you need to worry about are the laddered old trunks you have been trying to get your partner to ditch for 20 years. That may prove a lot harder. Good luck.



Great British Painting Challenge.

by AlisonsDiary on Sunday 1st Mar 2015

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Love it.

The judges are harsh but honest.

The presenter – Richard Bacon – has it really taken this long to forgive his early misdemeanour and invite him onto National TV?  Bright, intelligent and great to have back on our screens.  (I miss his Radio 5 live show so much I can’t listen to the station anymore)– but ….and this the point Una Stubbs?
She is a sassy, great looking woman so what on earth is going on? Unknown-1

She looks as if she has meandered from Call The Midwifes set? Tiny wee woman, swathed in hospital blue, large blouson long engulfing smock. Tiny tiny feet – can they really keep her upright those alleged real feet poking out from the hem of the voluminous tent?   Add to that, the cartoon round glasses and big owl like magnified eyes.

Gas and air.

With the top toeing and whispering going on I will need an epidural to watch the rest of the series…..



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23 December 2014

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Heartbreak on 8 legs.

14 November 2014

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The Referendumb

17 September 2014

Fits happenin’ min? It’s a’ gone mad. As Maw says ‘AYE’ and ‘NAW’ shouts Dad. The kids are rippin’ doon the banners Abody’s forgotten a’ their manners Mind on Friday we’re a’ still Scots Indy or no’ we’re still the tops So gather roon’ embrace yer kin We’re in it the gither thick or thin. […]

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17 July 2014

  Dog lovers of the world unite. Have you heard of this fabulous new website BorrowMyDoggy.com It is for the time-poor dog owner, for the lively and always ready for a walk dog and for the dog lover who cannot have a dog of their own for whatever the reason ….be it landlords rules, work […]

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