Bendy men, margaritas & broccoli.

by AlisonsDiary on 28th June 2015

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Yup I am still doing the yoga – in case you are in any doubt this is not me, this is a bendy man. A very bendy man with small pants.

And the yoga had a hiatus as a night of margaritas took their toll. Even posting the photo of the cocktail is giving me an undulation of the belly. Yuk.

Unknown-5You see we had agreed to have just one wee cocktail and then received the lovely news my wee niece had had a baby – (Jack, 7lbs 8oz, mother and baby doing well). Well it is the first baby in our family since my now 20 year old son was born so of course we wet the baby’s head. Extensively.


The following morning was grim. Puckered mouth. Scaly skin. Road map eyes. In fact if you can imagine the polar opposite of any supermodel you can think of then you are still no where near the hideous state of poison we were sporting.

When I say “we” my dear friend is staying with me just now and she announced she had lost a good bit of weight juicing. So inhabiting the world of the clichéd middle aged woman once we found our discarded clothes we put them on and walked straight to an electrical shop and bought a juicer and then off to buy our body weight in vegetables.

Yoga and juicing. Have I been abducted by aliens? Well let’s see  Well…well… well….I am off to rest before taking the plunge. The shock might kill me. Raw broccoli in this body ? Help.

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by AlisonsDiary on 26th June 2015

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Not me. Yet. Not me. Yet.

For those who read this blog you will know I love food drink, dogs, music, dogs and my long suffering family and dogs but the one thing which has eluded me over the high days and holidays, low times and desperate days is the love of exercise. The need to don lycra and thunder over the pavements, inhaling great lungfuls of exhaust fumes or standing in a gym with the waft of rubber and old socks all around as forever been a mystery to me and my undulating thighs. So it has come as a bit of a surprise – nae shock – that I may have found my”thing” I am not claiming to be good at it, or changed outwardly – yet – but for the past couple of weeks I have been doing yoga.

Oh hark the middle aged Aberdonian has discovered yoga surprise surprise.

But I Have.

And I am so convinced that this will be a life – body changer – I am going to document my journey here.

From stiff, lumpy, stressed and hunched to a long languorous lithe young thing – no ok fair enough I got a bit carried away with the superlatives there but change is gonna come…..wish me luck!
P.S I know you don’t believe me


PPS written with a glass of wine in my hand – you could have apoint.


Dog friendly places are a joy to find and Edinburgh is just getting more and more dog friendly. Initially keepers of the canine were used to being cast out to stand in the dreich weather giving the dog the evil eye for being so unwelcome  but now they are welcomed with open arms, bowls of water and a clap on the head. Joy.

Recently we were in The Raeburn in Stockbridge where they are welcome outside but also in the bar area. It was like a dog crèche. Big ones, small ones, multiple leads all tangled, spaniels, a pug, a scottie, two schitzus, two westies, a couple of labs, a labradoodle, 2 schnauzers and of course Charlie Chorizo Sausage dog. Fellow dog lovers understand the overwhelming love you feel for this hairy crater on the end of the lead and know only too well why you are not enjoying a drink in the pub round the corner after the barman barked at you “Nae dogs in here, oh for Gods sake just tie it up outside”.  Huh I think not.

So as the places we are all welcome multiply tails are wagging wildly.

The Raeburn on Raeburn Place Stockbridge, we would highly recommend and with the lovely summer months ahead but there may well be a queue of canine owners jostling to get in – including me – see you there!


The Kelpies sculptor work has been in our gaff for 10 years – until today!

16 April 2015

    Its amazing the things you find or forget about. 10 years ago when we were designing and building the interior of Howies in Aberdeen we commissioned 3 pieces of cast iron work from a little known Scottish sculptor. They are stunning pieces of work 2 large screens fixed to the floor to separate […]

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Travels with a sausage

13 April 2015

I have been dreaming of going travelling with a dog for as long as I have been upright and on this earth. It may seem a strange thing to those who are not canine lovers like myself but having been born and brought up with dogs and never been consciously without one in my life […]

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Bumping my gums about Teahouse Transport….

24 March 2015

Oops – my Mum’s bag was picked up over a week ago and it is……… well I don’t know where. So please disregard the previous post. In their defence it worked brilliantly on the way to Spain from Scotland but on the way back? Well if you see a large blue case packed with jumpers […]

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Lugging trunks on holiday are a thing of the past – hallelujah.

6 March 2015

  So there I was gas and air getting my legs waxed just before Christmas chatting to the unfortunate girl faced with my hairy extremities. Trying to change the subject. “So what are you doing at Christmas?” Off to Poland “God it will be cold there.” Yes about -20 but I just take all my […]

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Great British Painting Challenge.

1 March 2015

Great. Love it. The judges are harsh but honest. The presenter – Richard Bacon – has it really taken this long to forgive his early misdemeanour and invite him onto National TV?  Bright, intelligent and great to have back on our screens.  (I miss his Radio 5 live show so much I can’t listen to […]

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Charlie Chorizo – sausage of love.

23 December 2014

Charlie Chorizo has arrived. A sausage dog. The sausage dog. The ruler of our days. And nights. Some may think it a little early after the demise of our dear old souls who were wafted off to doggy heaven just few weeks ago. But me without a dog is like Judith Chalmers without a passport, […]

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Menopausal munching for Xmas

4 December 2014

I have just consumed an entire Thomas The tank engine advent calendar I had bought for a friends son. 25 wee bits of shiny not very chocolatey chocolate – pop, gulp,  pop, gulp, pop, gulp , pop, gulp, pop x 25. All gone. Well I need some comfort I have lost my voice. A joy […]

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