Ebola. A question.

by AlisonsDiary on Tuesday 14th Oct 2014

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071014-MATT-web_3064092aI am not getting hysterical about EBOLA. Someone posted a brilliant statistic about the number of people who are killed by flu every year in comparison which put it all into perspective and as this article states brilliantly – it’s not all about us – at least it shouldn’t be. Brilliant article here.


Yup you knew there was going to be a BUT.


Watching the news this morning they said air passengers will be screened from Paris and Brussels coming through London as both these cities are hubs for West African travellers.


Edinburgh and Glasgow have numerous daily flights from here – so why aren’t we screening under exactly the same criteria?


Not hysterical.



PS Cartoon nicked from The Daily Telegraph’s genius MATT.




The Referendumb

by AlisonsDiary on Wednesday 17th Sep 2014

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Fits happenin’ min? It’s a’ gone mad.

As Maw says ‘AYE’ and ‘NAW’ shouts Dad.

The kids are rippin’ doon the banners

Abody’s forgotten a’ their manners

Mind on Friday we’re a’ still Scots

Indy or no’ we’re still the tops

So gather roon’ embrace yer kin

We’re in it the gither thick or thin.

by this disillusioned Alison – not another word from me about it.



Massage – no not that sort. Oh well I hope not.

by AlisonsDiary on Saturday 23rd Aug 2014

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Right have a hump and lump and a general snarl about me today off for a Thai massage I will report back.


According to the long suffering one I am being very annoying.
Not as annoying as YOU. I retorted.

See? he puffed.

Slam I went.


Out the door.
Now let’s see…..





17 July 2014

  Dog lovers of the world unite. Have you heard of this fabulous new website BorrowMyDoggy.com It is for the time-poor dog owner, for the lively and always ready for a walk dog and for the dog lover who cannot have a dog of their own for whatever the reason ….be it landlords rules, work […]

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Dog tired -the man not the dog.

13 June 2014

As a follow up to my column in The Daily Record  about our dear old dog Sam….. Here is the photo that sort of sums up her feelings when my dear long suffering husband flew back from Spain to Scotland psyching himself up to accompany her to the vet for the dreaded euthanasia. You can […]

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Nicole Kidman gets it in the wrinkle free neck.

16 May 2014

You know we can’t win. Us women. I read in the papers yesterday Nicole Kidman had a “a puffy look and an eyebrow shape that goes up which proves she uses botox”. So what would you do if you were in the glare of the public eye every day and night?   Shuffle about in […]

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Blimey the French put us to shame…..

14 May 2014

Get all road designers or engineers or Robert MacAdam fans to France now. The roads are fabulous! Its so easy to get from A to B ( – as long as you ignore you Satnav – “please prepare to continue straight ahead”) the old days of being told the drivers in this neck of the […]

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Le Manoir – French dream is a reality.

9 May 2014

When I imagined staying in a French house overnight with food and wine and lovely hospitality – I thought it was just a dream  but good news – it exists. And here it is. Le Manoir only an hour from the ferry in Calais – Calais is another tale for another day but today is […]

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Just chatting on the road with Mum….oh and drinking…of course.

8 May 2014

Funny how conversations go. I remember when the Black Panther was at large I was staying in a Caravan with my cousin in a field beside her Mums kennels we were about 10. We got ourselves in o such a state that when my Auntie Wilma came up and banged loudly on the window for […]

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Road Trip Thelma & Louise Day 1

6 May 2014

  So we’re off. Mum and I are heading off to Europe today in the car. In preparation last night we drank a lovely bottle of wine and toasted the next few weeks of driving, travelling and “mindfulness” Yes the buzz word for the middle aged crisis sufferers the world over of which I am […]

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