New Diet from Scotland helps millions lose weight. Maybe.



Scotland has one of the highest rates of heart disease in the world. Apparently. Excuse me whilst I put out my fag, put the top back on my Scotch and think about that. Musing over a breakfast I ate every morning when in the highlands I can’t think why. Can I introduce you to the tattie scone aka the potato scone. A particular favourite of mine as part of the heart attack on a plate breakfast.

Roll out your tatties, with flour & an egg.

Using mashed potatoes from the previous night, a sprinkling of flour and an egg mix it up, roll it out and cook on a girdle.

This is a girdle too - Scots style.

 No not a 24 hour girdle one of these flat metal plates. Once they are turning into a lovely golden brown, flip it cook on the other side then slide it onto your plate and surround with the following.

Black pud, white pud & butchers sausages

Butchers bacon & grilled sweet tomatoes

Mushrooms - cos you are a funghi

Potato Scones ready to rock & roll

Pop in a poached egg on toast and Bob's your chubby uncle. Nice.

Now how is the diet? The truth is you scoff this lot and you have no room for lunch so you wait until evening to have your next meal. So in reality it is a diet. Where you replace one meal with being so full from your last you can’t force anything down. This  is Dr. Craig – with no qualifications whatsoever – (much like Gillian McKeith I hear) over and out.

  • Ssssh now I have read that I will have to go and have some white pudding. Cholesterol? Love it.

  • Ronnie McGhie

    I had the full breakfast in a wee cafe in Kilwinning yesterday morning. Absolutely loved it. It was wolfed down in no time. I really could eat that every morning but the media and medical proffesion keep telling us that it will kill me.

  • No wonder the Playtex 24 hour girdle was so uncomfy

  • Elisabeth Macgregor

    Sorry Mr Naismith but I’m with Alison on this even checked the Scottish National Dictionary – girdle : flat metal plate used for cooking.

  • Roy! I agree totally. I called them griddles but Donnie, the bloke making them said girdle and so if you look it up on google – God what did we do before bloody google – they are called girdles…ridiculous! Funny! And true.

  • Roy Naismith

    Girdle? You mean griddle. Easy mistake to make, but you’d look kinda daft wearing a griddle. Mind you, I should think there could be a few Scotsmen out there who, having complained about the lack of substance in the breakfast described above, would end up wearing the griddle.