Sock it to me baby. Emergency dog vet.

Called the vet. Well we have 2 dogs, a spaniel pup and another 2 visting spaniels so when they all met, there was no fighting as suchjust a lot of argy bargy. Some pontificating, pushing and and supremacy barking. When we all settled at the end of the night I found blood on the carpet. Drops of red intermittently all over the carpet.

Each dog was given a full examination, there was no sign of any injury.Yet it had to come from somewhere. So waiting til morning I called the vet, as I waited for his arrival I glanced down at the shoe I had discarded the night before. Blood in that too?
Penny dropped. Not blood, sock fluff. Wearing red and black fluffy socks, balls of sock all over the carpet = healthy dogs, vets time wasted, stupid jigsaw puzzling middle aged fool – me.

The photo above is to prove there is bugger all wrong with the dogs as you can see above they were rather enjoying a plouter about in the River Carron. Just the human apparently.



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