Teenwolf Speaks – no I mean really – his blog is up! SOB!

Don't Panic Captain Mainwaring!

OK so it seems Teenwolf has indeed picked up the gauntlet and is in the process of running with it. Words of encouragement from the webby world have given him the impetus to answer back.

Well of course he has been answering back since he was big enough to talk. In fact to tell the truth even before that he managed to pull grim faces and squeal like a banshee.

I am clenched from the hair down as today is the day he embarks on his own blog.

Let the ping pong commence.

One proviso which I would like to say out loud first and foremost.

I write about him cos I love him. He thinks too much. I mean he thinks I love him too much.

The terrapin? The child? Spot the difference

Which he underlined by rolling his eyes at me.

My reaction? Even I knew this was annoying but it was out before I could bite my tongue. ‘well just wait til you’ve got kids of your own’
He just exhaled insinuating he will not feel overhwelmingly protective and love them to distraction. No  he naively thinks they will be born and then…hey take them or leave them…they will be  on a par with say…..the pet terrapin.

We’ll see.

 So I am going to regard this blog ping pong as a  living, growing, experiment during which we might learn more about what goes on behind the snappy lines and slamming doors.

So……..jumping off a cliff. Here goes. Here is where you can find the little darling.


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    In the past, when my wolves joined secondary schools of a certain ilk, it struck me, those who had been there since nursery, were not only bereft of the teenage tantrum,they thought having an opinion was something old ladies developed through ill fitting shoes. Changed days it seems and thank goodness! Mine went in as wolves and left as wolves,highly attained too, I may add! with many brave souls who decided (were allowed) to join their pack,subsequently enjoying the pleasures of going with the teenage flow, slamming the odd door and generally letting of steam,ie,answering back,being untidy,etc etc etc! Seriously, there is something wrong if it didn’t happen. Enjoy! LOL.