Quite realistic really

Things were going  well. The toxicity of my body at the weekend was reverting to near normal. The evidence of badness is a crop of rather impressive spots on my chin. Each one must repesent a bottle of wine consumed in party mode.  I considered a balaclava but when Teenwolf has experienced a beezer of a spot I aye tell him to let it breath and leave it alone or it will spread.

These words of wisdom come from my Mum who imparted this knowledge to me when I was but a youth. So trying to avoid hypocrisy – at least for the morning – I went bare faced. By 11am I was back in front of the mirror applying thick slicks of make-up to my chin.

Everyone I met, and I mean everyone, started off well enough talking to me and looking me in the eye. But before long their eyes were drawn to  a selection of other large red eyes staring at them from my lower face.  So clarted and orange I went about my day.

Now the colour of a Kiaora Orange juice I am off to the BBC to present Get It On tonight. You can listen online if you fancy 6-8pm on scotland ook for Get It on or listen live and that’s me. Contact the show at and let me know what your suggetsions are for tonights theme – details here

Oh and horror of horrors spots will soon be the least of my worries….. as teenwolf has done what I dreaded he might. He has bagged his blog. He says his first post goes live tonight. We’ll see.


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