Ping, pong, ping but will there be a pong?

How teenwolf see his DadWell he did it.

But as many people are suggesting. Will he keep it going? We’ll see.

First things first, it won’t be today. He has swanned off to have a pizza with his rugby team. It’s the end of the season so they got together for a meal and shock horror probe they put on a pair of smart breeks and even a shirt. Dead faint.
Earlier today long suffering husband (LSH) found Teenwolf scrunching up a clean shirt and throwing it in to his cupboard.

‘What are you doing?’
‘don’t like that one.’

‘Well hang it up! It’s clean.’

On closer inspeciton there were another 2 shirts in there which had also been scrunched and dumped.

Registering no response to the shirt squash accusation, he turned to LSH. ‘Have you got any shirts that would fit me?’

Reluctantly he admitted ‘Maybe got a couple that will fit you’..

So he had a scan through those. And tried one on.

‘I quite like this one. Does it  look OK?’

But before long suffering husband could utter a single word he nipped in ‘Actually what am I doing? I’m not taking any advice on clothes from YOU’ he said with genuine horror. So much so that LSH laughed out loud as he brushed down his acrylic tracksuit and string vest and wandered off in his pink sparkly crocs. Joke! There is absolutely nothing wrong with LSH’s style but in Teenwolfs eyes of course he is a walking embarrasment.

?Unlike his shirt which was on the teenbod and ready for it’s day out.

So off they went all 18 of them into an Italian restaurant where they do 3 courses for £5.90
I was on air today doing a radio program when the pack of wolves were in mid scoff. On silent, my phone vibrated with a text.

‘How does everyone everyone know about the blog ?’ it read.

So the penny has dropped. He hadn’t really thought about it being out there in the big wide world on the world wide web.

‘Well just take it down’ I texted back.

10 minutes later I got the response.

‘Nah it’s OK’ came the reply.

So….he’s up for it….Teenwolf the blogger is born and finding his little Bambi blogging  legs. I can’t wait to hear what his fellow pack of wolves thought about it. I hope he’ll tell all.

 This is where he now hides.


Writer & broadcaster.

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