Mens Fashion Week dictates what they will be wearing.

Well I am married to a Scotsman who is never happier than when lurking in a pair of jeans and an ancient t-shirt. Occasionally I have tried to drag hiim into a shop where he will redden and look awkward not happy at all. As if being in a shop at all is some sort of slur on his masculinity.

The fashion world doesn’t help.

For instance during men’s fashion week last week what do you think are they all suggestingthe men in our lives will be wearing next season? Well this!

The strange thing is – in the male eye it has two things going for it.

It is the equivalent of a giant golf ball….and we all know how much they love that good walk spoiled.

It also covers their heads so when being forced to wear a fashionable item none of their smirking mates know it’s them.

Personally I favour this look cos imagine when the great snorting dafties were snoring wildly on a Saturday night after a curry and 4 pints of lager with  this contraption on their bonce you couldn’t hear them. RESULT. Anyway…. I am off to order one. I shall report back……


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