80 Years Young. My Mum!


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She can’t be. She looks about 25. She does! She leaps over gates, plays golf, walks the dogs, tells stories, stays up late and laughs like a drain. When my dearest Dad died 3 years ago I was worried sick about her. Would she retreat into her buckie? Would she lead a quiet solitary life in which there was little joy or interaction with the wider world? I really didn’t know. My dad was  larger than life, a party animal, a tour de force.. Aye the last to bed with the loudest laugh the master of high jinx and musical madness. So …I waited …worried and in wonder as to what would happen.

It didn’t happen over night.It took time, for us all,  but I can’t tell you how happy I am to have watched my Mum, Pat blossom into her own life. She chose to get up and  get on with it. She met new people, whilst keeping up with old friends. She helps out at the day centre for ‘old folk’! She plays golf twice a week. Has at least 2 walks a day with her hairy dog Nellie the lurcher. She is joining a choir, started a book group, goes to flower arranging, the theatre, girls lunches, bakes for everyone. Reads about 6 books a week. And goes to the cinema with the girls when she can. Her voice is now heard. Her personality shines. She has chosen to go on with a sparkle in her eye and a spring in her step. She is a great example to me of how to lead your life.

She loved my Dad there is no doubt. But she also loves life. And life is what you make it.  Great.


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