Basic human write (sic)

Try this on a laptop.

A school in Indiana is going to stop teaching cursive script aka writing. They are abolishing the art of hand writing and just going for the keyboard skills. Well that’s a turn up for the book. Or should I say the laptop.

All I can say is nooooooooooooo!

How do they do a shopping list?
Write a note to a friend?
Leave a note for the plumber?

Jot down a song they hear on the radio?

A line from a favourite poem or book?

A date to meet someone?

 I am a great believer in the joys of the keyboard. God knows I use one every day until it is steaming hot and when I do write manually I find my writing skills are somewhat rusty and  to be honest my writing these days is appalling but I can still do it.

How do you feel about your kids not being taught how to write?

It’s a basic human right, write, rite. Och you know what I mean. It’s not right. Write. Rite.


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