Sky was the limit – now I’m free and richer for it.

Got rid of Sky a few weeks ago. Well if you exhale they charge you and then to inhale is even more so – enough is enough. Called them up and cancelled it which went ahead despite them practically bursting into tears, offering to do the garden, walk the dogs and cook me dinner if I changed my mind.

Now I wonder why the heck I ever had Sky in the first place. No I am not going to tell you I have taken up cross stitching, playing the cello and meditation – though I might do the cello thing to be honest it is on my list of things to do. And I am not going to tell you I havent’ watch TV at all and put a hex on all TV’s in the land  but I have reliased after many years of costly satellite nonsense the only channels I watch are the terrestrial ones anyway.


Well they say a fool and his money are easy parted. I am living proof of that.

BBC 1 ,2, 3 & 4 ITV, Channel 4, E4, Film Four and occasionally 5. The free ones that come off the back of those ones are more than enough to keep me entertained. One drama I could feel coming on was the inability to tape things but slumped in my bed on Thursday night, having been out carousing on Wednseday night when The Appentice was on, I watched it on the i player.  Done.

So the Sky subscription was akin to the gym membership. Might as well take the mney out of the bank and set it on fire. Think about it if you haven’t it might just make you richer too.




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