On BBC Radio all week – you pick the tunes!

On BBC Radio Scotland all week presenting Get It On from 6-8 pm every night.

It’s a great show to do.

We decide on a theme and then you pick the music.

Tonight’s show is all about gigs.

Your best gig.
The most memorable moment.

Best small venue

Most surprising


Which is all just a great excuse for you get to your ultimate favourite music played on your national radio station.


I am really looking forward to it.

So please join me all this week 6-8pm BBC Scotland


With on digital,

FM 92-95 FM

810 MW

On your Telly.

Freeview: 719
Sky: 0116
NTL (now Virgin Media): 930
Telewest Broadband (now Virgin Media): 931 Freesat: 712


Online www.bbc.co.uk/radioscotland listen live


Suggestions for tracks with your stories too please to:


Text : 80295

Call 0500 929500

E-mail getiton@bbc.co.uk.


Writer & broadcaster.

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