Teenwolf in a barn, me on the couch without a psychiatrist -yet.

Rearing up at the word ‘study’

OK so teenwolf has finished his exams.

The stress of exams is nothing in comparison to trying to control them once they are over.

Bye they shout and leave the house. No idea where they are going. What they are doing. When they will be back.

Last night….I get a call.

‘Yeh I’m staying over’


‘A barn’


‘Yeh a barn’


‘In the Pentlands’

‘That is a mountain range’

‘Yeh…oh gotta go Byeee’



Long suffering husband on a golf weekend. Teenage son in the middle of a mountain range.

Me? Home alone.

Well I have the dogs.

They look at me.

I look at them.

I take them out for a walk.

We come back.

I eat a pizza in front of the TV.

I never eat pizza. Especially not slumped on the couch with a massive bottle of ketchup and a bottle of beer . I watch the Kennedy documentary and wonder how Joe Kennedy controlled his boys. Clearly he had the knack. Unlike me.

This is me practising to be an empty nester.

I am huffing.

And comfort eating.

I get the dogs up on the couch. One under each arm. We stay there until it is too late and sleep beckons.

Go to bed.

The mobile goes at 12.30am

‘Hi Mum it’s me I’m coming home…oh ….(loud shouty voices in the background) there’s a taxi….(more loud shouty things) oh right Ok no room ..’click.


Now bolt up right, wide awake in bed.

Where is he?

Does he need to get away for a reason?

If he doesn’t know where he is how can he get home?


At 2am the door goes.

He comes in.

‘Hi’ I say wide eyed and mental.

Hi what’s up with you? He says in that incrdibnly nonchalant highly irritating dislocated way.

A brief synopsis.

‘Oh for Gods sake mum, chill. Night’.


Writer & broadcaster.

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