Low fat diet and the weight piles on.


Really hacked off.



For about 2 weeks I have been starving. Well starving myself of my natural comfort foods chocolate, cake, buttery toast, pasta, cheese – you know the stuff? The stuff that makes life worth living.

So in the quest for a smaller bod I have eaten my and your body weight in fruit, veg and stuff that you would go out of your way to avoid most of the time. Yes the green leaves that come in bags, the curly red leaves that seem determined to stick in my throat, the skimmed watery stuff that passes for milk but we know is just water with a slug of milk or magnesia in it. So this hell has been going on  in the misguided hope that the weight would fall off me and I would be a svelte individual ready for summer and all it throws at me. Huh!

rugby-men_1  No there is no reason for this photo I just needed cheering up. So anyway……as I was saying.

Feeling optimisitc and with my halo intact I weighed myself this Sunday morning. This Sunday. Just now. And?  I have put on 2lb. Doesn’t sound like a lot but if you consider ye old bag of sugar routine 2lb’s is a lot. Especially when I am a walking salad mountain.

So what to do. Keep right on til the end of the road?

Bugger it I am off to meet Dynamite for a major latte and and even major slab of gooey cake the second the place opens this morning at 10am.

After that she is being styled for a wedding and  is going to by a professional. I am allowed to go. I will report back as it’s the sort of the thing I would love to get done. God knows if they do a line in bell tents but if they do – I will be at the head of the queue.

I intend to take photos – she won’t let me show her head – I know what she’s like – I wouldn’t either but it’s all about the clothes. I will report back.

burkini Now any ideas where did Nigella got that swimsuit?

Fatty Bannock. x


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