A quickie

A quickie.
Mind out of the gutter please.
Thank you.
Off to take my mad pal Anne to the hospital to get her stooky removed.
She broke her foot dancing at a wedding.
In fact it was the day before the wedding in the clutches of the wild Irish best man. She wasted no time there.

Of course I am relieved my life does not consist of floating around in a floral frock, listening to Mantovani and exchanging recipes with domestics Goddesses along my suburban street. But sometimes my liver aches for normality – of size and consistency.

Sunday consisted of steering Dynamite round town in 5” heels after a 2 hour personal shopping extravaganza (details tomorrow), avoiding the bar ( we managed a round of applause please. Thank you), baking a cake for my mother inlaw who is not to weel and eating half of it before I got there, taking the dogs out, falling asleep on a bench, editing loads of stuff for hours, watching Hugh Lawrie on that show Perspectives, deciding to move to New Orleans, start a band. Then today it’s driving stooky Anne – who now responds to the nickname Stumpy – to get the plaster taken off before heading to Bauer headquarters Edinburgh – aka Radio Forth – where I will present a show every afternoon this week which goes out simultaneously on Forth, Tay, Clyde, Northsound, Westsound and Oban FM.
The show is broadcast from Edinburgh to all these stations from 2 – 6pm so if you fancy a listen – log onto the respective radio station and listen live. Or get it on digital or on ye old wireless. I am the balding guy with the specs – yes Gary Marshall – he’s away so I will be rampaging in his name.

So what started as a blog post turned into a merciless plug. Sorry about that.

Off to get Stumpy – if I’m late she will just crack me round the lug with her crotch – sorry crutch.

If you want a request drop me an email to alison @forth2.com, alison@northsound2.co.uk etc…and I would delighted……….


Writer & broadcaster.

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