Carbs can make you thin!



A new diet is taking the states by storm. Called The Carb Lovers Diet. So it’s all change.

Ditch the protein. the days of avoiding bread, pizza and great carby loaded delightss are over. We must now embrace them as they are indeed the thing that will give us a body like Cheryl Cole. I have the body of Cheryl Cole -  it is called my skeleton and is well hidden under mounds of good carb generated slumpy body stuff. So…anyway the new findings….and we love a new finding if it works on our behalf. Let’s see what sort face stuffing we can look forward to then.

Breakfast a banana with a blob of peanut butter, Whoa be still my beating heart. Loaf of bread maybe?  5 baked potatoes and a half pound of butter? Nope. The lone banana.

Lunch Tuna salad, a pear and a cheese string -  A cheese string!

cheese strgin

Why would you ever put that over processed weirdness in your mouth plus they are  as filling as a hair band and considerably  less tasty. Of course after the tuna salad you’d be so hungry you’d need something. Anything. Well anything but a cheese bleedin’ string.

Dinner Shrimp Stir Fry with ginger. Nice but weak with hunger  now the dog is starting to look like an option for a light snack.


So is that it? I would be bleedin’ starving. That is no more carby than the least carby thing I would eat.  Ever. Where is the pizza, the half loaf of bread, the cake that I am compelled to  jam into my face when on a sugar low – after a high protein vodka frenzy the night before -  nope this smacks of bullshit to me. Short and sweet. Or in my case short and fat.

Stick to your gums – I  mean guns – and don’t be hoodwinked into this. it’s just the same old same ole. Eat fruit, veg and low fat stuff if you want to lose weight and up the exercise. That will be £100 thanks or 100 lbs.


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