Dynamite shopping

My pal Dynamite - laughing & wearing the usual - jeans & t shirt.

I don’t know about you but I often stare into the dark recess of my warbdrobe at the clumps of dark familiar remnants and seriously think I have nothing to wear. I mean really. I intermittently drag stuff off to the charity shop and then buy something when I’m there to fill the gaping hole I had for 35 second only to get it home and wonder what the hell was I thinking in the first place? Usually it looks like something I wore when I was 25 and is so inappropriate even I shout ‘Mutton dressed as lamb ‘ at myself before stuffing it back in the bag to go back to the charity shop from whence it came. So I pay to try things on. Still it’s all for a good cause.

This weekend Dynamite – who is going to a wedding in Italy non less – la deeeee daaaaaaa – was heading into Zara in Edinburgh where the manager Tom is reknowned for being a dab hand at steering a person clear of looking like a numpty. She had arranged to be there for 11am  for a general wardrobe update. ‘Oooooh can I come?’ I said. Yeh great she said. So after a large caffeine hit we hit the shop at 11am sharp.

Di and I live in jeans and tops, and jackets and jeans and boots. It’s true when it comes to imaginative clothes we score zero.

Tom the manager took her in hand introducing her to the lovely George who looked her up and down, asked a couple of pertinent questions and then we were off.

Dynamite and her new best friend George. I want him to be mine too.

So the plan was this. She has a bluey/dark grey dress which she wanted something to go over, plus shoes for the wedding. She had the dress stuffed into a carrier bag which she hauled out. You can see why we are pals. The least tidy people in Europe aye stick together.

A quick glance from King George of all things clothes and within 35 seconds she had the coat to go with the dress. First thing he picked out was perfection. Elegant and amazing.

Ooor Manny - as we say in Edinburgh

35 seconds after that she had the shoes to complete it.

It look like bleedin’ Oormanny it was class. I was so excited the camera wasn’t even focussed. Shaking with excitement I was. So was she.

OH MY GOD. said Dynamite I feel so grown up.

And with that….she was off.

Well now I’m here she said I might as well  have a wee look at what else you’ve got.

3 pairs of trousers £20 one white, grey and a funkadelic patterned pair. Tops a go go. Long sleeved, stripy, floral and one that is a Stella McCartney lookalike. A wee stripey skirt she would never even have considered and palazzo pants. What? Yup. Palazzo pants. The man has an eye, to be honest Dyna has the figure and the combo was me  in my jeans and t shirt getting all in a lather as I saw my fellow scruff being transformed.  Here are some of the outfits she got.

Yup they all look great and she and I had walked through the shop and thought – och threre’s nothing here 10 minutes and we’ll be out of here. So it just goes to show…. oh and no  I am not being paid to write this and George isn’t actually a personal shopper just a helpful, smiley lovely person with a great eye. So merci Tom & George – and now comes the real challenge ..it’s me next! And as a 12/14 Uk size I wonder can they do it?

Dynamite in palazzo pants! HELLO!

She would NEVER look at this jacket - but it looks great!

Kitten heels, a fab bag, £20 jeans and a stripey top. Hello!
White version of same £20 breeks, chi chi hwee leopard skin top.
Two shoe options - check out those platforms! Swoontastic.
Arent these shoes - the bees knees? With Dynamite




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