Domestic Violence = Zero Tolerance

Natalie Cassidy has allegedly been assaulted by he boyfriend

Yesterday we saw lovely photos of Natalie delighted with her lovely daughter . She looked radiant cradling her delicious wee babe and having shed a few pounds. Today we read her fiancee has been removed from the family home for assaulting her. Dear God. I am neither a soap watcher nor a soap fan but even I felt the power of this going from happy, sunny, smiley to dark, violent and disturbing.

Domestic violence is a zero tolerance issue. It just is. I once had a boyfriend who had a jealous eye. One New Year we got separated in the middle of a the Hogmanay shenanigans on the streets of Aberdeen. I had friends up staying from London so we stuck together and it wasn’t until we got back to my flat at about 2am I met up with the boyfriend.

Having had a brilliant night I will never forget the look in his eye as we walked in smiling and laughing. My two friends went off to bed and then he just grabbed me by my shirt and flung me into a room onto the floor. I got such a shock. It was the last thing on earth I expected. Initially I almost laughed as I thought it was a rather bad joke? But no he started hitting me hard and he went at it again and again until shocked and near hysterical  I escaped out of the room. burst into my friends bedroom and screaming for help.  My male pal threw him out of the flat  and we all sat not really sure what to say. It had been the most hideous end to a fabulous night and we were all shell shocked.

The aftermath I believe is classic. Silence and then deep regret. Flowers. Apologies. Phone calls. I’ve never done that sort of thing before. Yada yada yada. And you know what? I did go back to him briefly and then one night I saw the same look in his eye and thought – oh no you don’t. I moved to Edinburgh at that point and he turned up a few times but I didn’t weaken. In fact I  gained more strength from being away from him and being in a place where happily nothing was associated with him.

These men don’t change. Leave them. End of. Click this link and it will take you to Zero Tolerance. Read all about it and remember you deserve so much more.


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