Throw him out!

So will she stand by him?
Well I sincerely hope not.
Really. What a shit.
Well he is.
And let’s be honest girls she can do so much better.
She can.
OK so he is loaded but to be honest what would you rather have a Ferrari, a mansion and a bottomless pit of money or a sincere man who when he says he loves you – means it.
No if I was one of her girlfriends (thought presumably all being WAGS they may have been there, been done over and got the large sparkly apology ring to prove it ) I would say OK move along there is nothing more to see.
Time and time again it is proven.
A leopard isn’t going to change his spots.
Once a philanderer aye a philanderer.
For the sake of you and your lovely wee kids get out now.
You are young.
And deserve so much better.
Move on or for the rest of your life every time he is away from home, every night you are apart, every time his phone beeps you will wonder if it is another woman.
And one-day odds are it will be.

Thank you and good night.

Marjory Poops


Writer & broadcaster.

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