Running away to Brigadoon -2 dogs, Teenwolf, the Long suffering husband and cheese.


My car is full of cheese, two dogs & the long suffering husband is farting about with the oil, tyres and scooshers ( as we call them – I dn’t know what the real name is). We are ready for our journey.


Despite my last post being a declaration to abscond to Australia – which I am hanging onto by the way – we are heading to the North West of Scotland to a house with 2 other families hence the cheese.



To be frank, the amount of cheese we have packed in there I am wondering if the tyres can take it.

We’re not talking a Kraft slice here.

We are talking running amok at the cheesemongers in Edinburgh.

Great twitching slabs of the stuff. Running out of the greaseproof paper before I was wrapped tight and secured.


It is 9.30am and we are about to have an argument about the fact Teenwolf hasn’t packed any books for his fantasy swatting for exams. Even just to keep me quiet he might have emptied a load into a bin liner to show willing but no he is still slumbering.
Long Suffering husband and I are leaving in 20 minutes. Teenwolf thinks he will be doing a MacAulay Caulkin impression and be Home Alone the speed he is not moving. But I know only too well how much he would love it. 24 hours MTV, a few sneaky cans of beer, his pals round, no parents to harass him. But I’m onto him. I will wait with cattle prod at the ready. He is coming with us. End of.


Attadale gardens in the same area we're off to - with the islands in the background.

So let me show you the place we are staying you will swoon with a sort of ‘Is that truly Scotland or was Gene Kelly telling the truth all along and Brigadoon really exists’. Here is one photo from our last trip to give you a taster and show I am not talking complete rubbish.


To illustrate our cheese credentials – obsessed cheesies – I will also post photo of the stuff when I unpack it. It is tightly wrapped with string to keep me out during the journey.


So bon voyage!


Writer & broadcaster.

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