Batton down your thermals – here we go again!

Once more into the breach.

You’d think I was off to Siberia on the trans Siberian express the way I am preparing for a weekend in Aberdeen or as it shall henceforth be known ice station zebra. An annual get together with great pals has turned into an arctic planning challenge. Have you see the weather up there?

Holy tamoly. Roads are shut, cars are sliding and kids are glassy eyed with glee that school is shut. Who can blame them? That was certainly the highlight of my school career. In fact any career thus far.

To be honest I don’t think I looked at a weather forecast until I was about 30 now it ia part-time job.I even have the AA roadwatch on speed dial in my mobile. God you should see the texts I have sent them by mistake in the past year as my twitchy finger presses send before I have checked the recipients. They may well have blacklisted me and when I need to get an actual traffic report they will refuse my call.

Och well Royal Deeside will be looking fabulous so I am looking forward to taking my camera and getting some stunning photos inbetween huddling round open fires eating chocolate and drinking Drambuie.

Car advice they are saying – keep anti freeze de-icer screen wash clean your car every part off including the windscreen and the roof as well o it will slide forward and blind you.

Tips from the geezer on the telly included:

If you hit black ice take you foot off the break

Keep distance up to 10 times further than normal.

Charge your mobile – I am leaving husband at home so he can take emergency calls on a regular basis. Running low on chocolate, gin that sort of thing.

Or stay put, get a carry out and crank up the heating.

Wish me luck! Pip! Pip! Poop!


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