Come Dine With Me ? No Thanks.


Can you get too much of a good thing?

Is anyone else finding themselves falling out of love with Come Dine With Me?  Don’t get me wrong the voice over guy Dave Lamb can live in my house anyday but the increasingly desperate, wannabe, non cooking, knicker flashing, over boozed up, slobbering contestants have started to get right up my nose.

What started as a genuine foodies show, real people who loved cooking and entertaining 3 strangers has degenerated into an ‘I love me who do you love fest’. I will wear a smaller skirt, lower top, and give you the benefit of my culinary ignorance whilst I open a pre-packed chopped vegetable packet and burn it. This is all done gawping at the camera and snorting with laughter. More often than not when the booze goes down  it ends with some poor sod sobbing slumped in a dining chair as fellow guests sneer and are generally obnoxious about them, their home, their food and any other fragment of their life they have allowed these infiltrators see.

The insincere and manipulative marking that goes on in the back of the taxi has nothing to do with the food and everything to do with each contestants blatant determination to win.

They’d give Marcus Wareing a slagging mark my words. Heston? Would be kicked into touch. It’s nothing to do with the food. OK ok it was never about the food, but the disfunctional groups of squabbling dafties is becoming too hard to watch, yet another TV format ruined by the ‘I want to be a star on the telly’ lot and in my opinion frankly this dinner party is over.


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