Designer bags – your chance to win one and see the designer in action

Fancy snogging this crater? No me neither.

Can’t thank you enough for clicking into this here page. It seems the numbers are going up, up and away and so I am now in the rather nice position of being able to give you something lovely as a way of saying thanks.
Ok I am in a state of excitmenet – which was detected by heart rate increase, sweat on the top lip and an inability to sit still. This is due to the great number of readers that are popping into this site every day. So thank you. Thanks for contributing and suggesting topics and just bantering. It’s great to know there is a community of fellow dafties similiary careering through life on a wing and a prayer and a large glass of wine. Hic.

First lovely gorgeous strokable thing that I have to give away is from Scottish handbag designer Catherine Aitken. Catherine has been a great supporter of Alisons Diary since February this year when we launched so I was delighted to say Yes!  Please! when she approached me about giving away a delicious Christmas present in the shape of one of her designer bags. So if you win wrap it and have it yourself or even better give it to your bestest pal in the world.

You can see her at work here. She is a recycling, Harris Tweed sewing genius. Who loves feather, silk satin and lace. In fact all things tactile with the exception of this great hairy daftie pictured at the top of the page who is more likely to turn into George Clooney than get a lumber with that horror hanging off his face. Anyway, I digress, have a look at this you tube clip and tell me what does Catherine say she does with the Tweed before re-sewing it? Once you have the answer send it to me at

You need to be registered on the right of this page to be  be in the frame for the goodies. Something to make you smile in January is also in hand so why not bookmark this page and pop back soon.


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