Never mind the cricket – tennis tomfoolery is rife.

Potential opponent for Dave on court

Living with Andy Murray. Well someone who thinks he is. Have you heard of this system whereby if you enter a competition and call your opponent, suggest 3 different days and times to play and if they can’t make any of those times you win by default without playing? I hadn’t but I have now. David is in the semi-final of the Club Handicap Championship and has yet to play a match at all.
Each time through the rounds he has come off the phone guffawing loudly as yet again his opponent can’t make the times suggested.
So anyway yesterday he strode off to play his semi-final match against a really nice geezer and won 7-5 6-0 so he is on for the final. Tomorrow.

Dave afterwards

Teenwolf and I are smirking broadly as the entire tennis club congregate to watch the final – the non-handicap one is just after Dave’s moment in the sun – so the whole lot of them will be sitting at the side of the court. The best thing of all is he may well be playing a very talented 11 year old who is in the other semi. This I will not just have to see but take photos, video and post on youtube for all the world to see. I know I’m a cruel old slapper but I just can’t help it.
I will report. If I can stop laughing long enough to up-date the blog.


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