Second book done…hit the bottle…recipe below.

Second book done…hit the bottle…recipe below.

I haven’t blogged for an age. Sorry. I have missed it . But this time of year is a hard one….one minute the sun is high in the sky and so my spirits soar the next its an oppressive black sky hovering round my ears and I hibernate. You’d think I would be used to Scottish winter by now but it never fails to surprise. One thing that has been seeping back though is the urge to blog. My main reason for lying low was the commitment I made  to deliver book 2 in The Birdie and Bramble series and…..drum roll…. it is done. Heres the link. 

Never having considered a trilogy it was a real muddle in my head for ages how to continue developing the story and characters and so I sat and ate a lot of chocolate and crisps and thought about it. With a major muffin top in place I then launched into walking my 10k steps a day with the East Coast wind whipping round my lugs trying to clear the head and make sense of it all.  And then I started, stopped, hiatus for Christmas as self control continues to be an issue and then on 31st December I took my last alcoholic beverage for over a month. Dry January.

Here is the answer to the question. Where do you get your inspiration for a story set round a golf course, a sausage dog and a drop dead gorgeous backdrop?

So without wanting to come over  like an evangelical pain the arse I have to report  the energy and clarity I felt after the initial few days has egged me on to continue. So of course I have had a couple of wild nights, one being last night when after fish and chips in the local pub with a couple of glasses of wine, we headed home to watch Yesterday with the long suffering son and his girlfriend, *watch it it’s great! the urge to sink about half a bottle of baileys thrown over some Haagen Daz ice cream and a squished Tunnocks snowball proved too much.  After which I had a second portion and then a bag of Cadburys mini eggs. WTF?

Facedown in bed by 12 at 1.30am I woke sweating and palpitating in bed reminding me why I should just ditch the booze….I will one day …but hey ho when you deliver a book you feel the need to do something other than stand naked in the garden shouting “I”VE DONE IT YA BASS” which would be unseemly for a middle aged woman with a muffin top and disrespectful to the dog.

So….3 cups of tea and a bowl of porridge, I regret not one calorific binge, because I loved every second.

And now…..gulp…..for book 3!

Wish me luck!

Recipe for the sugar binge to ensure no sleep at all.

1 glass of champagne.

2 glasses of sauvignon blanc.

2 Tunnocks snowballs / see picture for instant salivating…

Half a bottle of Baileys

About 4 scoops of salted caramel Haazgen Daz.

Cadburys Mini egg chaser…a large handful.

Retire to bed to lie there all night wide awake.


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