Edinburgh Fringe splinter group – Fringe By The Sea ?


Quintin Jardine and me at Fringe By The Sea 12th August 6.30pmThis is the 3rd year of Fringe By The Sea an offshoot of the official fringe in North Berwick and this afternoon the Authors in Conversation with myself (the poor buggers) kicked off with Quintin Jardine who's had over 30 books published. Holy tamoly. He has 3 series on the go The Bob Skinner series, the Oz Blackstone series and more recently the Primavera Blackstone series which are written from the perspective of Oz's ex wife and widow Primavera. He's a great bloke, that's Quintin not Oz, and we had a chat for about an hour about life the universe and everything. He's appearing at The Edinburgh Book Festival next week and didn't want to cover the same material so we got an exclusive reading from the first chapter of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' - no relation to Graham Norton and Andrew Lloyd Webber - this is a politically themed book borne from his experience as a spin doctor in the houses of parliament a few years ago and a rollicking good tale. Interestingly his publishers Headline weren't keen on publishing it as it doesn't fit into what they regard as his known genre of 'Crime' so it has been published through Amazon - if you go onto Amazon and put the title in you can order it there. Gwan Gwan Gwan

Tonight in the seaside delight of East Lothian Maggie Bell  plays to a  sell out  crowd of 500 capacity  in the Speigeltent, Cafe Jacques are reforming at 11pm with some of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band and tomorrow I interview  Pauline McLynn, aka Mrs Doyle from father Ted, star of Shameless and excellent author at 2pm and then Barbara Dickson at 5pm so maybe see you there……there’s lots more just get online and check it out

There are late trains  being run specially so if you fancy a wee day at the seaside – grab  your bucket, spade and bottle of wine
….. see you there.


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