Pauline McLynn aka Mrs Doyle from Father Ted – 2pm in conversation

Nun on the right - my drinking buddy

Oh how I loved Father Ted.

I once sat in a bar in Connemara  having a great chat with this woman – eventually I said to her ‘do I know you?’ she shook her head. Then after 10 minutes of me holding her down and asking her questions it turned out she was the nun in Father Ted. She played a few different parts over time in the series but it was the nun I remembered. So that was the first time I sat in a bar got pissed with a nun.  Waiting for my next one…..

Anyway this afternoon I interview Pauline McLynn actress known for her hilarious role as  Mrs Doyle in the genius series that was Father Ted, star of Shamless  and  also as a prolific author in the Speigeltent at Fringe By The Sea, North Berwick. I just had a coffee with her

Gwan Gwan Gwan

just now,  to talk about what we would do and we just blethered on for about an hour – about life the universe and everything – we made no plan for this afternoon suffice to say there will be no awkward silences. If you get a chance to come down – come down. It will be a hoot.

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