Taste Edinburgh – A triumph!


TASTE Edinburgh is over for another year.

What a great event.

In the past sponsored by Channel 4 this year Scottish Power and Stripe PR stepped up to the plate and took over the whole jing bang. A big step and one I sincerely hope pays off for them.

Bringing together Scotlands stop chefs and some fab food and drink Inverleith Park was the venue which in May can be a risk but this weekend the sun shone, the people flocked, the food was produced and the wine – oh God and I should know – was glugged.

Another one? Oh God go on then.

Hotel Missoni sponsored the opening evening with endless jugs of Prosecco which journalists from far and wide engulfed happily. At about 6.30pm the first lot slipped off to a corporate night at Space NK but Dynamite and I hung on there.
The second tranche left to go see Sex In The City 2 the Scottish Premier and yes you guessed it Dynamite and I hung on there. Eventually we declared it was time to go only to bump into an old friend who had just arrived for a wee look round. Fancy a drink girls?

Well we would just LOVE one thank you.

One more bottle later.

Karen Koren, Comedy Queen of Scotland steered our pals confused teenage son round the various food stalls to make sure he didn’t starve as the rest of us propped up the bar and put the world to rights. Home by 8.45pm – but the damage was done.

Next day was quiet. Very quiet.

We’ll see how long that lasts.

Not very comes the long suffering husbands voice from the hall. Unfortunately he adds under his breath – but I heard.


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