Prada Shoes for £20!

Just stroked some Prada shoes. Ms Dynamite Di bought them at the  Mary Queen of Shops, Save The Children shop in Edinburgh. Originally £220 they were only £20 she announced as she dug out a shoe bag in front of my very jealous face.

Looking in, it  was obvious why they were so cheap – there was only one! ‘No  you pillock’ she said producing another shoe bag with the  matching shoe  in it. Oh so you get two shoe bags if you buy posh shoes – well you don’t at New Look I said in my defence which is where I buy my footwear. Such a class bird. For £220 you could about 90 pairs of shoes from there or one from Prada – bring it on New Look that’s what I say.

You can take the girl out of Aberdeen……….


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