Masterchef have overcooked it.


The kitchen is now the size of Ibrox stadium.

Hoards of potential competitors line up.

20 will get through.

They have to cook their best dish and for the final 5 minutes  finish it off in front of the judges.

John Torode & Greg ‘ The Thumb’ Wallace.

Each contestant  has to get a ‘yes’ from both judges to go through.

If one says yes and the other no then the competitor gets  to come back and try again one last time.

Like a bus spewing diesel up the M1 you can see it coming……

John says no.

Greg gives him the quizzical eye. Hums, haws and then – controversial – Greg says yes.

‘I’m really sticking my neck out for you’ says the thumb.

Nonsense you are just doing what the producers have told you to, eg try to ramp up the tension when in actual fact there isn’t any.

We don’t care about these competitors yet. We don’t.

Ok then, thinks the producer, why don’t we draft in their relatives and best friends and then we can see them emoting wildly with the ones they love?

On the set, of Masterchef? Parents, partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, cuddling? Sobbing?

It’s enough to put you off your tea.

It is a set up.

It is obviously a set up.

It is sad to see such a great cooking show brought down to the reality TV level of

Britain’s Got Talent with pans.


Used to love it.

Now it has become another manipulative emotion charged show which schmalz and insincerity stifling the piquant flavour of what used to be the original and the best Cooking show on telly.

Ok got that off my chest. Next?

  • Ronnie McGhie

    Masterchef used to be the best cookery show on telly but now I feel it is so scripted and over produced. The producers probably think they have improved the show but in reality they have dumbed it down big time.
    I am just waiting for John & Greg to turn up on Holby City or worse….River City!

  • tell it like it is Girl…

  • With the self satifide smirking it's about as genuine as Jordons chesticles.

  • What on earth gives you that impression. Could it be the voodoo doll of the producer in my handbag?

  • Cara

    So let me get this straight – you DON'T like the new Masterchef?


  • Tcl

    nicely put …… skill not sacherine !

  • CaroleC

    Can’t watch it – if I see them stuffin forkfulls of grub into their gaping gobs it makes me puke!!