Man At The Window – new pash

Can’t help myself I love love love love reggae always have always will. From the age of 15 I have danced badly in church halls, on beaches, on streets, in houses, alone, in large bouncing ninja groups and swaying gently as the heat of a holiday zaps you into a hot nirvana. So farting about as you do online I found this lot. OK so I may well be the last person on the planet to have clocked them. Man At The Window are a Glasgow 8 piece. Nice. They sound great. Uplifting, dancing, sunny, reggae lovely. Hhhmmmnnn. La la la la la la la l. Groove.

Third World, Gregory Issacs, Eddie Grant, Ziggy Marley and the best reggae story I have is my pal Steve was on a flight as an unaccompanied minor when he heard Bob Marley & The Wailers were onboard in first class. Being a gallous wee thing he marched up and asked if he could meet them, invited up to first class as a 15 year old reggae fan is something he will never forget. They embraced him like a long lost friend and those were the days when smoking was allowed onboard planes so he sat there and partook in a puff with the wailers. Can you imagine?  Anyway I digress into waffle….away and have a listen to Man At The Window – it surely made me smile.

And something that makes my heart beat a little faster….Bob doing what he does best …………………fabulous.


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