Someone is taking the p*** – literally.

Splash it on all over - you'll never get a lumber

There were various aftershaves I came into contact during my teenage years courtesy of the youths that were drenching themselves in vile smelling liquid. Some that jump to mind include Brut 33 , Denim, Old Spice, Hi Karate!  and Tabac. They bring a mixture of bile, elation and nostalgia.

If you thought they were foul then how about a new aftershave in India  which is making a splash -literally – it is made of cow’s urine.

God your average teenager will love it. Something surging with hormones and musky –  oh no that is a teenager sorry.

So I wonder what would you call this new arrival on the aftershave scene?

Bovine P ? From the kidneys with love.

Have a look at this ad for Denim it is fabulously bad – beware loud snorts may emanate from your nose and mouth.

  • Pauline

    Oh yes – that sounds like a great idea. Would make for some interesting reading LOL Can I second this request?

  • Elisabeth

    Great blog as ever Alison. That denim aftershave advert is barking – wonder if anyone actually bought it, or fell for it?

    Anyway I had an idea for your next post. Just discovered someone at ASDA, launching a new dress range, has started categorising female backsides into “peach, potato, tomato and nectarine”:

    Perhaps, in the interest of balanced journalism, you could come up with some categories for the male derriere. Could be an interesting, and hilarious topic…..