Insomnia & The Nightshift

Yes insomnia does takes it's toll. Well I am almost 28

Wide awake club 4.26am what is that about? Am considering changing my name to Insomnial as it suits me better than Alison or Al but not quite as much as puffy faced old bat.

Have flipped on the telly only to find  STV Nightshift is on. Makes you feel better that. There’s obviously loads of folk up and about all  listening to the voice over Laura doing her chat over some old footage. It’s like a live radio show she does requests and banters – and she is very funny. So if you wake up and are wandering aimlessly round the house going a bit mad I can recommend it.

Damn that menas my brain will wake me up now just to hear her. C’est la mintal.

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  • Anonymous

    Some people take advantage when they have insomnia, they can do work at night shift and sleep at day time, they also have to close all the windows with thick curtains for the sunlight to come in, well sunlight is good to acquire again your time for sleep at the regular basis. I bet you should have wear ear plugs for noise distraction.

    Elsie Frank,