X Factor goes from packing a punch to a backside licking bunch.

Maybe he's nice so he doesn't draw attention to this thumb. Argh!

OK I am onto Cowell and his dirty tricks now. I taped the X factor and sadly got myself all geared up, with hangover attachment, to slump on the sofa and watch it on Sunday.

For the first time in the history of the program I found I was losing interest. Oh My God.  Had I developed a fever? Was I sickening for something? Had I suddenly grown up? Well no to all 3 of the above.

It  just suddenly dawned on me Simon, Louis , Cheryl and Danni are just being gushingly nice about everyone now. Every artist or group is getting the thumbs up! The ‘yup that’s a hit record’, ‘I think we’ve found ourselves a new superstar!’ ‘That is what I call a great recording voice’.

Judging on the criteria of past years how on earth did the following get through?

Remind you of anyone?

Diva Fever !  aka  talent free Wham jump-a-likes.

Demis or Wagner

And Wagner??Argh. At least he has answered the question long on my lips – whatever happened to Demis Roussos?

The rumour is that him and the fabulous Mary are developing a mutual crush in which case keep him in – to keep her happy but not as a serious recording artist.

Storm Lee – originally from Edinburgh -I should love him for that alone but I don’t and it is nothing personal it’s just that if his big break hasn’t happened yet,   it just isn’t going to and to continue to lead him along this fruitless path is just cruel.

Simons power and celebrity has come from the fact, despite others pussy footing around,  he would always used to stand up to be counted and say ‘that was awful go home and get on with your life ‘.

But now he is as innocuous as the others all smiles, applause and empty praise.

The reason?

Well it’s the downloads innit? No-one is going to download a song from a person Cowell says is a bleedin’ disaster and the more he encourages the useless and sad the more downloads will come his way and at 99p a download it is just another cynical way to bolster his coffers..

Loadsa Money or Simon Cowell?

He is not standing up to be counted. He is too busy counting his money.

If there ever was an integrity to The X Factor or more specifically Simon Cowell it was that he called a spade a spade. Those days are gone and with it , I predict a large percentage of the X Factor audience.

We may be daft but we’re not that daft.

Said my piece off to google Stricly Come Dancing. Is it too late to switch? I hope not.


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