Banksy in Edinburgh?

Is Banksy in Edinburgh

Leaf Garrett

McBanksy perhaps?

Well some sneaky underground artist has been creating genius art on The Water of Leith

I burst out laughing when I walked past it, early Sunday Morning. Cursed the fact I didn’t have my camera. Went back today and happily he was still there in all his glory.

Isn’t it great?

My photo doesn’t do it justice but  do you know who did it?

Leaf me alone will you?

Will they do it again?

Keep me informed. I’d love to know and take a leaf out of their book and enjoy Autumn!

  • Shane Nugawela

    I no who the artist is , he is from aotearoa…

  • To be honest I damn near wet myself when I frist clocked it- I thought he was real!

  • Alison Cairns

    That is fantastic!

  • I know! Clever bugger – whoever he or she is

  • Scott Wilson

    How good is that!


    Love it!!! – Tales Of The River Banksy