Designer clothes for a tenner in George Street!

Not even in my wildest dreasm could I ever look this stylish posh clothes or not

Meeting up with pal Fiona for lunch today.  Once we recovered from the shock of getting a parking space we were wandering along George Street when we clocked what used to be The Pier, right next door to Jaegar and opposite Space NK ? Yup you got it. Well  in that  large empty unit we pied the  door open and it is full of clothes. Be still my beating heart it is an Austin Reed

this is more like the truth - though now with Austin Reed togs to hide it

Clearance Sale.

We were off and in there in a flash. Suits for £50! Mens suits, pure merino wool jumpers for £10,shirts, skirts, trousers, a lovely womans peajacket – pure wool for £20 it was till there when I left – size 12 but double brasted not for me. Anyway….they are getting stock in later today and tomorrow so getin there….they don’t know how long they are open for but it is packed with seroius bargains. Fi got a Thomas Pink shirt for a tenner! Viyella, Austin Reed and some labels cut out but quality I’m telling. Well I was so

The fabulous Louis Armstrong - trad jazz favourite

excited I rushed home to blog about it!

After spending £50 – I don’t have but for 5 items of top end clothes -there’s a couple of birthday and Xmas pressies in that lot – off we went to Wildfire on Rose Street the end part between Castle Street and Charlotte Square.

A great well restaurant to tuck yourself in for lunch especially on a day like today. And a great deal for at £10.95 for 2 courses.

I stuffed my chops with a smoked salmon rillete which came with toast though I had oatcakes as I blow up like a puff adder if I eat too much bread.

Fiona had chicken liver pate

Main courses Fi had Duck on a bed of slow cooked lentils – yum! I had a rump steak – a perfect size for lunch which came with lovely shoestring fries and a wee pot of salad no supplement for that which was a nice surprise.

Cosy wee place, tea lights, stone walls, a wood burning stove – which wasn’t on today but it is about12 degrees (tropical compared to yesterday!) trad jazz faintly tinkling in the background and, comfortable upholstered banquette and individual chairs. I’d go back. In fact I will – soon.


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