Sparks fly in Elie as Autumn burns bright.

See! That's a 6ft man behind the lick of flame!
Elie beach - October sunshine and deserted

Off to Elie the other day – October week and a day away! Arrived at our pals and the boys decided to gather together a few leaves, then a few sticks, then a few more. You go for a cup of tea and by the time we come back the boys have dragged a half hundred weight of garden debris into a massive pile and they are about to light it.

Stop! It’s too windy. Shouted the females present.

Too late! laughed a large boy (48 year old man) as he lit blue touch paper and ran like hell. You can see why.

I can report despite the licking flames there were no injuries and a slight smell of smoke on the clothes which we forgot all about when the flames finally died down and after a long and bracing walk along the fabulous beach we headed to The Golf Tavern’s 19th hole, a great bar,  for a top bar supper. Owned by the same guy that owns the famous Ship Inn in these parts I can recommend the grub.  I had chicken that tasted gamey, free range and delicious and Dave said his steak was fantastic but I will have to take his word for that as he had wolfed the lot by the time I asked for a morsel I did nick one his chips though which I dragged through his pepper sauce and that was delicious! All

Is that lava pouring from an invisible volcano? Obviously not.
Robinson Crusoe eat your heart out.

the kids had homemade burgers and they disappeared as fast as Scotlands summer. Loved it.

Elie was looking fabulous the other day, the air so clear, the beach deserted and once the flames died down, you could see for miles. Aye mithering about the fact summer is over I am standing corrected as Autumn and Winter have got a lot going for them if these snapshots are anything to go by.

Elie is on Scotland’s East Coast in Fife. About 20 minutes from St. Andrews and a delightful wee seaside town. Great deli, great bars, shops and most excitingly  a huge, beach untouched by touristy nonsense which you can walk along for miles. If yu go North you come to Anstruthers famos seafood restaurant where you can fill your boots before heading back.

The dogs love me again, though they are too exhausted to show it at the moment.

Flora stick chaser and frisbee snatched lies unconscious and blissful on the couch, as ever I sit on the floor.

Lunging at the frisbee over excited ancient dog.


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