John Lewis Edinburgh cosmetic department facelift – lucky it!

Who says the

Who says the sun is aging. This is a good one of me.

Was very good last night went to the launch of John Lewis’s new cosmetic department  in Edinburgh aka girl heaven and resisted swallying into the champagne. Thank you a round of applause a this stage would be appreciated. Dynamite and I left with our halo’s intact having stroked, sprayed and poked our fingers into some lovely luxury brands. The goodie bag held a few joys too – including Clarin’s Beauty Flash a must in the handbag and on the face. And today I am  at home and should be working. Edinburgh is looking at it’s best. Yeh Yeh so the sunshine is bad for the skin and the liver but by God I love it. Of course it means sitting on my fat bum, turning on my computer and doing sensible work like things is virtually impossible. I need a course in motivation, a kick in the bum and a hypnotist. Look into my eyes. Look into my eyes. YOU ARE A LAZY SLAPPER GET ON WITH IT! 2 pals arriving for 2 nights and we haven’t seen them in years – this does not bade well for a mineral water and a salad!  Kicking off at 6pm with a book launch sponsored by Bollinger. Wahay!

  • Thanks Gordon I really appreciate that. I hope things are good in Estonia and thanks for coming this way.

  • Gordon Leman

    Dear Alison
    Having been exiled from 'home' since 1993 I have enjoyed reading your work and as with Jack Maclean of the Herald I cannot understand why your Diaries were discontinued!! Keep up the good work as it brings happy memories of Scotland to me here in Estonia.

  • Thanks for the comment. It's a new way of working for me but quite good fun just to splurge it out in a stream of consciousness day to day rather than once a week. Nice to know you clicked on so thanks. Alison

  • Jscott8004

    have meant to log onto this site since you stopped writing for the sunday mail, enjoyingreading it very much. But do miss you on a sunday morning