Tuesday What the hell have I been doing?

Carousing, drinking, catching up with friends and having a bloody marvellous time.

Went to Aberdeen to catch up with my old pal Kim who is back from Houston, Texas where she lives with her husband and 2 kids. Mature? Yes we are in age but as I got out of the car  she threw me to the ground outside the caravan site she is staying at and started tickling me til I damn near wet myself. The goth who was staying in the next door van poked his snout out from behind his black curtain having never previously heard the noise commonly known as laughter and scowled at us, two middle aged woman rolling about in the grass – not in a saphic way you understand. So we sat outside with her sister Tracy and old pal Gordon who cycled out from Aberdeen to see her. He arrived pink. shaky and sweaty having not cycled more than 100 yards in 20 years. Rather than worry he was about to collapse we had a good laugh at his cycling face as he sat sipping tea and we downed one bottle, then another before fighting over a family bag of maltesers.

Not so bloody funny when I woke up a 4am with a noise outside only to poke my nose out from behind our curtain to find the goth feeding a crow. All a bit Omen if you ask me. Smiled at him wanly before drinking 6 pints of water and collapsing.

Off to The Bieldside Inn for lunch – great recovery food – tempura prawn salad. Much better and heading home.


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