Fatty Bannock finds East Lothian baker from heaven.

2013-03-31 19.33.43After a week of gorging on wonderful food in the North West of Scotland the diet was due to start this week. Above pictured a light snack between meals – those Highlanders know how to eat! So the endless face stuffing and the fact when we were away I was photographed with my entire face inside half of a giant easter egg just stuffing it into my chops one night on the couch.  Yes a couple of glasses of wine and I lose all control.Meant something had to be done.  So this week is a new week. A week of impending spring weather – for Gods sake PLEASE some heat – so peeling off the 6 layers of thermals and jackets means the blue flesh will see the light of day so time to do the annual diet. Blue, goose pimples not a good look.

So Monday tstarted well with porridge but by 2pm my calorie input had exceeded all expectations and I blame my Mother. She zipped in to see me+ so after a general catch up we arranged to go for a quick coffee, I missed the turn off to drop her back to North Berwick and so ended up in  Dunbar. Now…..Dunbar…..yes it may well ring a bell recently had the most sumptuous delight of The Dunbar Bakery contending in the British Bakery Of The Year Awards but it was pipped to the post at the last moment so I wanted to see it with my own two eyes and of course the ubiquitious open mouth.

I loved it. L OV E D IT. Its on the high street, small and bijou and there’s not much space to sit down – eg one high bench 4 high stools and a wee window seat but it was big enough for mum and I to perch and stuff.

So we did. Perch & Stuff.

Look at what we stuffed.


A fresh buttery flaky pastry, an unexpectedly  a lemon tart  lurked beneath,topped with this wonderful raspberry concoction. Melt in the mouth. Well it would if it had been given the chance.  As it was I wolfed it down making noises like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally.

The chocolate profiterole hazelnutty thing was as light as air but decadently creamy and delicious. I bought two more to take home. I locked them in the boot as I knew I would stop and eat them in a lay-by if they were within grabbing distance.


Its a co-operative and anyone can invest and be part of it. I just loved the idea until I saw the word -‘committee’ and having been committed before I gave up committees for Lent 10 years ago and have never regretted it.  But don’t let that stop you – I am just a pain in the neck. As well you know and let’s face it you wouldn’t want to be on a committee with me anyway would you?  Exactly. I rest my case. Here’s the link to read more about it if you’d like to give them some dough – BAKERY DUNBAR







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