Cairngorms and gigantic on The One Show…tonight…

So  delighted to be asked back to The One Show I found myself on top of a snowy mountain earlier this week.  In anticipation I went to see my friend Derek who cut my hair so I didn’t embarrass myself on screen. Chuffed with the new  barnet the crew travelled from all over the country and we met on Tuesday in Aviemore.

Although we had never met each other before – Abi, Kirsty  & Amir from Glasgow we all hit it off and had a great night blethering until we all collapsed into our beds at midnight in anticipation of the meet at 8am in the morning.

Blue cloudless skies, and a nip in the air was evident as we made our way the 10 miles from Aviemore to the skiing area.  The views were breath taking as was the temperature  but we met Colin the man with the plan and off we went….

Hair looking half decent if I do say so myself it suddenly dawned on me I was going to have a helmet clamped to my head all day.

A helmet and goggles. A blessing in some respects to be honest at this time of day a gargoyle is a better option to look at close up than myself.

So just to set the scene. A helmet. Goggles.
Add to that the ski suit – a must it was f f f f f f freezing – the 4 layers of thermals and you will be in for a treat if you are watching The One Show tonight.

Gigantor. The Blob. The cosy but huge one. Happily I didn’t cause an avalanche. You know I have to say we had a totally fabulous day on the hill –  I won’t spoil the story and what it’s all about but suffice to say the second I get a day off I am gathering my stuff and going back – I am hooked on The Cairngorm Mountain and you will see why if you turn on BBC 1 The One Show tonight  7pm Friday 3rd February 2012.

Keeping my ski suit on for the England V Scotland 6 Nations match tomorrow at Murrayfield…can’t wait!



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