Off for a lie down in a darkened room.

Edinburgh Monday 23rd January 2011 – beautiful!

Now I am not afraid of hard work.

I am afraid of jellyfish, flying, that wrinkle on my forehead getting so deep someone may park their bike in it but I am not afraid of hard work.

Having said that yesterday we had 17 hour day that just about killed me. Well not killed exactly but certainly turned me from pinky and perky into Miss Puggled Oot.

Started Sunday train from Edinburgh – London. Then Monday a train from London to New Milton. A 4 hour burst of work then a drive to Weymouth. Overnight in Weymouth at Hotel Rex which overlooked the bay where the Olympics are going to be held.Very pretty it were too -local dialect there.  The Hotel was most hospitable and cooked our dinner at 9pm when we were the only ones there and gave us breakfast 15 minutes early because we had to leave before the kitchen opened officially.  How many places would do that I wonder? We were filming til about 3.30 then off to Bristol, where the Satnav got us lost.

So we were cruising up and down the motorway during rush hour when the satnav just threw it’s metaphorical hands up in the air and said ’em….nope…havent got a clue. In fact I am, in point of fact completely lost’. So with the aid of a map, a helpful individual on the other end of the phone, a wing, a prayer and a packet of cheese & onion crisps we arrived.

Flora my Toto on Calton Hill

With a click of my hells, here I am back in Edinburgh. I feel like Dorothy, with an older less fragrant dog than Toto, was it all dream?

Aberdeen a photo by Elaine Cowell. WOW.

No sooner did we hit Edinburgh,  we were off again. This time to  North to Aberdeen with my friend Elaine a photographer who was doing a shoot …so 2 days of snapping, then back to Edinburgh for a long bath, a long cold drink and a good kip. I love this photo of Aberdeen. Taken down by the harbour with these endless chunks of massive industrial chains with a granite edifice of Aberdonian horsemanship behind. Knocked my socks off that.

Off for a lie down.



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