Happy Halloween – I’m starving!

Happy Halloweeeeen - oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh

Yeh so I was on the Fred MacAulay show this morning talking about food.



I was asked to deliberately eat slowly this weekend – chewing each mouthful 20 – 40 times each.

Scientists believe if you eat slowly you allow the digestive enzymes in your tum to realise you are stuffing your face and they will start working hard to aid digestion. This means you feel fuller sooner and the theory is you lose weight.


All very well. But if you are ravenous, starving , have avoided eating between meals and just want someone at the table to shout on your marks, get set, go,! It’s a real strain.


It started being quite relaxing.

Then annoying.

Then lonely.

Lost weight? Well lost friends certainly.

As I sat masticating at the dinner table the long suffering husband and teenwolf finished their dinner, rolled their eyes at me, went off to watch telly, as I counted repeatedly to 40 before lifting the fork with my next mouthful of now very cold food on it. Even the dog lost interest and sloped off to her beanbag – she is a Labrador and food is her reason to live so I must have been  there for a while.


Ah well. Experiment completed. I have just bought a bag of Reggae Reggae Sauce crisps and intend to stuff them into my face whilst having a gin and tonic – so

With my trusty Rennies in my bag life goes on…….


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