Ecky Thump


Now that’s what I call a black pudding.  A real great unwieldy thumper of a pud made by the butcher and just ready to be sliced and cooked.  Hud me back.

To be honest I can take it or leave it. Or so I  thought until I slipped a morsel of the Stornaway black pud into my cynical chops. Dallying with being a veggy I knew the second that little beauty hit my tongue I was lost forever in black pudding heaven.

The ingredients read like a Quatermass experiment. But who cares. The result of the magical mix is a true unmitigated mouth watering delight.

The one you see above is not a Stornaway vintage but was handmade by Roddy Butcher – his name is Roddy but his surname is not Butcher – he is the butcher in Strathcarron. In fact to be more accurate he was. He has just retired and if I had the cash I would have a black pudding cast in silver and inscribed below with these words. Roddy Butcher. The Butcher. The King of Puddings.

If you feel like experimenting here is a link to some fabulous black pud recipes. Just don’t ask what’s in the king of sausage shaped puds and all will be well.

Vegetarianism in my next life.


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